Friday, January 21, 2011

Tragedy followed this McCullar line early on....

I think it's best if I work forwords instead of backwards on this post.

Noah Nelson McCullar's daughter Lucinda Savannah "Lucy" McCullar was born 30 Jul 1880. She married Fred Marlin Wilson in Winston county on 05 Apr 1898. They had their daughter Nora Wilson in March of 1899.

On 14 May 1901 Lucinda died from (as best I can tell) smoke inhalation and burns from taking water to put a fire at Fred's Shingle Mill. Nora was 2 when her mother died.

Nora married Joseph Clyde Seymour on 29 Nov 1914 in Winston County, AL. They had Nola Alice Seymour on 18 Jun 1916. Nora died 10 Dec 1918 in Birmingham, AL. Nola was 2 when her mother died.

Nola and her husband Benjamin Rutherford Nation had the following 5 children:

Penny Nation Barck

Dudleigh S. Nation born 26 Apr 1938 and died 19 Dec 2010 (I'll post his obit at the bottom of this post)

Frederick Nolan Nation born 31 Jan 1940 and died 14 Nov 1945. Buried at Oak Hill in Jasper.

Benjamin Andrew Nation born 26 Sep 1941 and died 12 Oct 1953. Buried at Oak Hill in Jasper.

Charles Stanley Nation born 12 Aug 1944 and died 14 May 1945. Buried at Oak Hill in Jasper.

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  1. That was one family I did not have so thank you so much Devin.


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